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The sweet potato thang is really good. I give it a five☆☆☆☆☆

– Sylvia Price
I absolutely love THE SWEET POTATO THANG!! I live in the Rowlett area and must say this place is a must stop on my sweet run.  I have people tried to replicate and can not come close to the buttery crust and creamy filling.  The owner is such a wonderful person…one day I came in and the credit card machine was down and I had no cash… she told me here just take it and pay me later… she didn’t know if I lived near or when I will ever come back .. but I kept my promise and came back to pay her the next day she was really impressed with my honesty that she gave me another slice for free… this place definitely deserves 5 stars for THE SWEET POTATO THANG! – Roz K
THE SWEET POTATO THANG! Rowlett used to be my territory at work and one fine day I happened to stumble upon this bakery. Nothing fancy from the outside, typical bakery filled with wedding cakes and goodies. Nicest owner in the world. She did not buy what I was selling, but she did, however, tell me about her creation…Honestly, I am not sure what was in this confection she gave to me. It tasted like baby giggles, puppy kisses, sunshine and smiles. It was like a sweet potato pie, but in a way I have never had it. There is an addictive chemical in it that makes you crave it fortnightly. No words for this slice of heaven. No words. Drive out to Rowlett, the drive is nice over the lake, just don’t try to eat one of these while driving on the bridge over Lake Ray Hubbard, you will seriously loose control of your car. Thank me later. – Jessica M
This Business is Awesome and so are the Owners, and the Cakes, Pies, and food is scrumptious….. Loved it and strongly recommend her Business!! – Juanita Msjuicyladybug Hurt Horton
LOVE LOVE LOVE This Sweet Potato Thang!!!!! Best Thang you will ever eat!!! – Sheila Caldwell McDaniel
AWESOME !!! This awesome woman Nikki, can make your dreams come true! You tell her what you want- she can make it! She did our bridal and groom cakes! She made the Blue Bell Ice cream tub for my dads birthday! And she did a cake that looked like a open Bible for our sons confirmation! Each order she took the time to speak with us like she was our best friend! She truly cares about her customers!! Each cake was so much better than we described! Her sweet potato thang is awesome too!! Very talented and gifted sweet person!! – Mary Contrary
Sweet Potato Thang is just amazing! From my first bite it became a definite tradition for my holiday meals. Much better than all the other pies. A must have!!! Nikki’s attention to detail on her cake designs and dedication to top quality customer service is number 1. – Michelle Lee Thompson
Love love love this place! The owner is as sweet as her sweet potato thang! Pray God continues to bless her and her family. – Nicole Wendy Sowells
Absolutely Edible Cakes is All of that & then some!! I love the owners & all the goodies!!! Yes that THANG is ALL that! My bestie/sissy is ABSOLUTELY the BEST!! I’m so proud of her… – Sabrina N Morton
Not only is the food awesome but the customer service is impeccable. The owner and her daughter were super nice. Would definitely recommend them. – Tiffany Dickerson Harris
OMG…haven’t had one in about 2/3 years at the bridal show… just order one for thanksgiving… Lawd help us all!! – Yolanda Sanders-Meador
The best cake and creations place that I have ever experienced. You have had anything until you tried some sweet potato thing!!!!!! Bam!! – Steve Blair
Absolutely Edible made my best-friend’s cake for her 40th Birthday, and it was awesome! – Fetina Green
My wedding cake was absolutely wonderful! It was both beautiful and delicious! – Viveca Ford-Potter
You will be addicted. It is the best dessert I’ve ever had. – LaSanya Williams
Sweet Potato Thang is mouth watering!! Driving from Ft Worth is worth it! – Shawnte Kukonu
Sweet Potato Thang will make you throw rocks at pumpkin pie!!!! – Robin Dorney Arnold
This is amazing! I am so glad I order my sweet potato thang! – Joselyn Hughes-Passerelle
I go to the wing place in downtown Dallas just to get the sweet potato thing!!! – Angelia Williams Chancellor
The People Running This Place Is AMAZING!!! Like The Cakes!!! – Sherri Tolbert