Absolutely Edible Keith Lee Celebration T-Shirt


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Dive into a world of color, connection, and sheer joy with our one-of-a-kind Absolutely Edible Keith Lee Celebration T-Shirt! 

Wrapped in a vibrant pink hue that screams fun, this tee is a walking party, dripping with playful chocolate splashes that promise indulgence and a good time – a true reflection of the Absolutely Edible spirit and how we felt when Keith Lee came to visit us. 

Inviting to the circle of friendship and shared joy, #IMMABUGATILIHUGYA and #KEITHLEEEFFECT” dances across a the banner.  They’re our  new mantras for positivity, and unwavering faith in what’s possible with faith, and with a nod to the divine, and a place Reserved For Keith Lee, this tee weaves a personal story into its fabric. 

The “Absolutely Edible Celebration” T-Shirt is destined to turn heads, spark conversations, and spread a little more joy into the world.  So why blend in when you were born to stand out? Grab this tee and let the celebration begin!

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