Sweet Potato Thangs, Cookies, Cakes and Pies

The Sweet Potato Thang is a favorite at Thanksgiving, but also is delicious, and available, at any time of the year. Have a friend who loves the Thang, but you can’t be there for her birthday? Send one her way via Walmart Local delivery or ship nationwide via Goldbelly.  Going to a potluck party and don’t have time to make something?  Pick one up or have it delivered to yourself or your party spot ahead of you.  Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Reunions, Graduations, are all great reasons to have a Sweet Potato Thang.   We also  can fancy it up for you, if you are picking up, just ask!     

There are 3 ways to get a Sweet Potato Thang

Delivery To Your Location!

Indulge in convenience with our delivery service available within a 25-mile radius of our Rowlett bakery.  What can you have delivered? Just about anything in our shop here, including the infamous Sweet Potato Thang.  

Special Offer for First-Time Buyers!

To make your first order even sweeter, Walmart Local Marketplace has a $10 discount coupon for new customers.  Use the coupon code Local10 at checkout and savor the savings along with our heavenly sweets.

Local Pickup in Rowlett

Want to pickup your order at the bakery in Rowlett?  Order below. Are you needing one right away? We normally have them baking every day, and should have one, but do call before you head our way to be sure we have on hand and not still in the oven.   

Order your Sweet Potato Thang for Christmas

Ship a Sweet Potato Thang

Looking for the perfect gift to send to your loved one? The Sweet Potato Thang is an excellent choice!

Nationwide delivery is available through Goldbelly, ensuring the best quality shipping of this scrumptious dessert. 

Absolutely Delicious Cakes

Each cake is lovingly handmade, and designed to perfection. Whether you are looking for a dinner cake, a holiday cake, or just a special treat, we have something for everyone. Please call to place order 48 hours in advance. 

Nikki’s Heavenly Pies

Our pies are made with only the finest ingredients and are sure to please even the most discerning palates.  Don’t see what you want here, ask!  Please call your order in at least 48 hours in advance. 

(Cakes and Pies are representative photos. Your item may look different)



Homemade cookies with only the freshest ingredients. Please allow 24 hours for order.